Monday, August 30, 2010

End of Augst lunch

Heirloom tomatoe w
Organic egg
&Tiny tomatillo's on top
Of wild anchovis fillets
+Nicoise olives
drizzled with
Olive oil
Feel very lucky.!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

She is So..

Been growing shiso plant
In my window box
During the whole summer,
It belongs to mint family
& is used extensively in
Japanese cuisine
Use it in homemade
mayonaise & it'll transform
Into mysterious dressing
For potatoesalad,
Or julienned into
Thinly sliced cucumber
Seasoned w sushi vinagre
Nice summer pickle
She s so delicious!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Perfectly cooked organic
3 minute egg
W crust of bread
T start the day:
Cooking up a storm
For Guest
Chef dinner @
'Alias' tnite

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lychee season

Organic eggs are fine..
But hey
Have some
It's that
Time of year

Sunny Side up

Woke up super early
Rarely have bacon, but found
Some Canadian bacon in freezer
Slowly cooked w 2 organic eggs
Thrown in,till 'curling crisp'
On the edges,
After landing them on bed of
Spinach, sat down w cup of tea
To savor my Sunday morning
Eggs Sunny Side up inside
While it rains outside..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dumpling Magic

A handful of Button&
Shitake mushrooms
Some garlic&ginger:
Hard t believe
How simple it is
Like stopping 'time'
On this moment
Doing only what's
Right in front of me

Green T party

Years ago
My Japanese friend Shizuko
Introduced Maneki nekko'
To Chibi'sBar & it brought lots
Of dollars,
then during turmoil of closing
The Biz past january
My French friend Silas
Rescued& kept her safe,
So while visiting Silas new
studio in Brooklyn it was decided:
Maneki nekko' is going back home on
The L train with me:
A friend in Need
S friend in Deed

Monday, August 16, 2010


We were @ChezJosephine
Last nite,
Celebrating Tina Radziwill's birthday
Surrounded by friends& lots of
Enjoying delish dumplings(!)
Fillet Mignon or Halibut w lobsterrisotto
all the while
Champagne and wine being poured,
Tina radiant & glowing
Igniting the glimmer and glitter
On and around the table:
Happy Birthday t u !

Bike riding way o life..

Will the winners
Step forward..
Lance ur lot

Improv Bowling

Jumped out of the
'Building on Bond' van
& put this together in 20
Minutes tops
Endless energy attraction
Soo much fun
Thank u!

Who s next?

Saturday's block party
@Building on Bond in Brooklyn
Very entertaining with so many
Children, babies& .. Dogs
We enjoyed sidewalk grill Bar-B-Q
Improv Bowling Alley!!
Leave it to the Boys from
Building on Bond!

Tomatoe salad..

I left that tomatoe from the
farmersmarket ripen
& No refridge
Sliced a garlic clove really thin
Into couple o' spoonful oliveoil
On a nice dinnerplate
Then layered tomatoe into that.
Thin slices, drizzled some more
Olive oil topping it w
Beautiful salt crystals,
Crusty toasted sourdough bread:
Sit down t savor
Mouthwatering dish.

Sunny side up. .

Bought this tomatoe on sundays
farmersmarket Avenue A

Japanese Bentoboxdinners

My Guestchefdinner sold out
Again @Alias
Carefully prepared different little dishes:
Lotus&burdockroot ,hijiki, seaweedsalad
Quaileggs,pickles,mountain potatoe,
Purple shisorice and many more flavors!
&evryone loved the
raspberry&choclate desertdumpling.
My next dinner will take place
23rd august.
Love t welcome u @Alias!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Birthdays are great way
To catch up w friends
From out of town:
Franck from Paris
Accompanied me
On East 4th street,
between aveC&D:
Ny lower eastside where
Roderik Romero created oasis
Out of rubble:
We celbrated his little daughter's
Birthday among rabbits,exotic
Chickens&local live Spanish band!
All the while sipping white wine
Watching 5 year old princesses
Parading their gifts
Fab Gardenparty indeed!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Noriko's generous friendship

On the left s pix of Noriko:
She took care of Akiro
For 10 years
Time&friendship w him
Came t a halt
She passed away
Leaving big love gap
T b