Thursday, August 22, 2013

''Taste' Anthony Bourdain& Nigella Lawson

from the Dumpling Diva:
❤'Raspberry&Cream Dumplings'❤

Monday, August 19, 2013

'French Style Dumplings'

select 1/2 pound of fresh

ready to eat French Chanterelles Dumplings

turn Dumplings onto beautiful
drizzle w lil soy sauce
(tune in 4 my special dip recipe later..)

Ready: Chanterelles Dumplings

turn crunchy side up...

cooking the Chanterelles Dumpling

heat couple of drops vegetable oil
in cast iron or 'non-stick' pan
place dumplings inside making sure
the bottoms are well placed
to form crunchy crepe like crust
add 1 or 2 tblsp of water and
quickly seal the pan w a fitting lid,
so as t let 'steam' devellop...

French Chanterelles Dumplings

its just a 'pinch':
lay flat each 'wonton' skin& place
teaspoon of the filling in the middle
wet all sides and
bring 4 corners together
'sealing the package'...
devellop your own style

French Chanterelles...

when mixture s cooled of 'mix in'
4 tbl spoons of goat cheese&
finely chopped outer layer of
the goatcheese&

French Chanterelles..

Heat 3 spoons of olive oil
and cook 'through' (8/10 min)
adding 3 cloves of chopped
precooked garlic:
season w fresh thyme
pinch salt& ground pepper to taste

Chanterelles on 'Chopped'...

Brush clean & remove sandy stems..

Friday, August 9, 2013

'Palamos Shrimp'

Palamos a Costa Brava fishing village
famous for seafood..
12 Gamba's with 'head on'
6 tbls olive oil
4 thinly sliced garlic cloves
4 medium sliced tomatoes
splash of regional white 'Emporda' wine
in 9" pan heat olive oil, gently brown garlic & reserve
briefly sautee the tomato slices, reserve
turn up the heat then quickly sautee shrimp
deglaze pan w 1/4 white wine to produce
super savory (reduction) sauce
on a plate assemble all cooked ingredients
adding fragrant basil leaves
& drizzle w 'reduction'...