Monday, July 29, 2013

Lady Gaga..& the Dumpling Diva

w Marina Abramovics@
Watermill Benefit ...

Sunday, July 7, 2013 @ Dumpling Diva 'Summer Rolls'

'prep ahead': can b done hours b4
actual 'assembly' is best closer t dinner/cocktail hour
1 bunch of mint& or basil leaves
1 package of ricepaper rounds /skins to 'wrap'
1 peeled cucumber cut in 4" long thin strips
1 bunch scallions cut in 4" long thin strips
1 head of lettuce separated into individual leaves
1 green chili pepper seeds removed, diced
2 pounds big (peeled washed) tiger shrimp
marinate 1hour in minced garlic, sesame oil, Sambal/
red pepperpaste or Sriraccha, dash soy sauce
cut shrimp in half lenghtwise:
heat pan w 1/2 tblsp oil
quickly sautee shrimp in batches ..careful not t overcook
let cool off..
'the folding'
take 4 or 5 rice sheets from package and soak,
note not too many at once,
in cold water on shallow plate ..till soft (2min)
carefully spread 1sheet out on kitchentowel ..
take 1 small lettuce leaf then place fresh mint& basil on top
add couple of scallions + cucumber strips
lastly top with 1piece of marinated cooked shrimp,some marinade 'drops'
roll over half then.. flip left & right side as if folding
'enveloppe' finish by rolling last flap around...
Ready ..makes up to 30 pieces
❤ instead of shrimp
add favorite fish fillet or mushrooms ..

next I'll post
'how to' for dipping sauce