Friday, July 30, 2010

Devine Dumpling

Marja's 'Guest chef' Dinner
@Alias restaurant on Monday
Was sold out&
That famously delish
'Miso black cod'
Wowed aGain
Reaching the desert/
Finishingline with those
'White choclate&raspberry'
Assured Succes
In all corners
Thanx to Evryone!

To reserve 4 next dinner:
9th August
Japanese BentoBox

Monday, July 26, 2010


The DumplingDiva also known
As Marja... Is cooking up a storm
@ her friends fab rest.t make res.
Prixfix $40 among other things:
Miso Black Cod being served
As well as those white choc&
Raspberry dumplings for desert!!
Next dinner 9th august
Make sure t book in advance
Since no one wants t miss out
On this great dinners.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brion Gysin@New Museum

Wonderful show of Brion's work&
Truly visionary his Dream Machine
Came t mind yesterday as I
Participated in Suntory Whiskey
Tasting class led by masterblender
From Japan during Gohan Society's
Event @FCI
Thinking I was dreaming:
being in Paris visiting Brion..
Powerful side effects of beautifully
Aged 12&18 year Suntory whiskey
Devillish delicious

Friday, July 16, 2010

Remember me:Chibi?

Marja will be guestchef @
Alias restaurant 76clintonstreet
Monday26th July 7.30
It's a $40 prixfixe: featuring
Dumplings and the Kitchenclub's
Famous 'Miso black cod..'
To make reservations go to
We Love t welcome you there!

Dinner being served...

Art Doyenne Alanna Heiss from
'The Clocktower' and
Handsome lawyer husband
Fred Sherman 3rd, joined our New
Salon: the Dumpling Diva
Prepared scrumptious SalmonTartare
&dumplings, Chanterelles in reduced
Creamsauce, follwed by:Provencal tomatoe,
Fennel&stringbean classic laced
W roasted garlic&caramelized onion..
'Mopped up' w sesamebread and a
Delightfull 2007 ChateauNeufduPape
Slightly chilled!
For desert Fabulous White Chocolate& Raspberry Dumplings w some vanilla
Fabulous fun night,
&Now on t the next event!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

'What Woman Want'....

Paco Underhill's latest book
'What woman want' was
Presented tnite @ the Players Club
In Gramarcy Park during
Delightful cocktail party
4 friends&family,
Paco's inscription in my copy
Now I know what t do!


A form of
A dream
Come true

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Tiny Greenmarket
In front of St.Marks church
Provide these
Heavenly peaches
As Dumpling Diva
Gets ready for tnite's event
Mushroom dumplings
Finishing w
desert dumpling

Fragrant farm berries

White choclate&raspberries
&Candied bacon chip
Provide explosive
Taste sensation
As Dumpling Diva
Teaches class @
The show s called
'Cooking up a Storm'
Check it out...