Sunday, August 30, 2009

Xcercise w mussels

Wash 2 pounds of tightly closed
Mussels, enough for 6 people as
Chop 2 large cloves of garlic w
Pinch of salt & small bunch of flat
Parsley, creating 'persilliade'
Heat up a beautiful heavy copper or
Castiron skillet, drop in soupspoon
Full of olive oil,add drained mussels
& persilliade,cover w lid shaking pan
Occasionally, feeling surge of
Chefpower..when mussels r bout
T open,pour 2oz(or bit more)of
Pernod making sure alcohol lites
Up a flame.. Guests really love this,
Enjoy bringing the dish straight to
Table& share dipping crusts of
Grateful Bread.