Friday, August 14, 2009

Reminds me ...

On my 5th birthday:

Received white enamel, 2burner tiny
Beautiful stove;
Xting red light switch: for off&on plus
Matching set of pots, pans.
I prepared 'chicken soup' w help
of 'Knorr' bouillon cubes& vermicelli
Noodles, proceeding little 'crepes'
Drizzled w molassessyrup...
Saturdays in our house, 'dinner'
Was served 1.00 aftnoon:
Mother prepared soup&
Father came home early from work,
'famous' for his delicious thin 'crepes'.
We'd watch his movements, proud flipping
In mid-air, recalling boyishness&
Big stack of pancakes ..
Mother turned those pancakes
Into beautiful dish for dinner next day:
She'd fill those 'crepes' w mushroom
Ragout,lined up side by side, in a
Pyrex casserole: sleeping overnite
In fridge,rejuvenated next day in oven;
Boston lettuce w vinaigrette served alongside&maybe hardboiled egg
Some tomatoes on top.