Saturday, July 11, 2009

Delicious Lunch

Cool sunny summerday
Breeze t go vegetable hunting:
Red crunch radish,firm cream colored
Cauliflower,tender emerald zucchini,
Grassgreen stringbean,& babybokchoy.
2 champagne glasses of water to boil
In stainless steel pot,w lid
Roiling boiling water, let vegetables
Swim, add pinch of salt, cover
After 5-7 minutes carefully drain:
Save light green broth,
Shock veggies in cold shower& dry off
Pour champagneglass full of broth:
While that chills
To 1 soupspoon sesamepaste add
2 soupspoons of hot remainder
Broth, stirring smooth w teaspoon soy
& spicy pepper flakes
Artfully arranged or tossed in bowl
Drizzle w sesame sauce,
Receive joy&smile delicious lunch
Is yours