Monday, February 4, 2013

Madame de Pompadour Orange Choclates...

w serrated knife cut
 8/10 slices out of 1 orange
place (prox) 2 cups sugar on plate
coat each slice on boths sides w sugar
transfer to warm 12" sautee pan on your stove
keep flame medium: 'flip' slices around
b careful not to burn ..slowly turning, caramelizing
place on baking sheet continue 'drying' process
in 300' degree oven... prox. 30 min..
let cool off

melt 2.oz dark 75% choclate in 'bain marie'
dip each caramelized slice in this luxurious choclate bath
garnish w toasted coconut flakes,
place on cookie sheet..chill
keep refrigerated in tight container
till ready to serve
The Court of Versailles